Sunday, June 5, 2011

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I watched a movie yesterday called The Gymnast, which bore an uncanny similarity to the philosophy of our dance classes. It isn't a bitchy, sabotage your competitors sort of movie. I can't say I totally agree with all of the things that happen in the movie, and I can't reveal those without spoilers, so I'll shut my cockholster about that.

So why do you care that I watched a movie? Because you should watch it too. I understand that you don't go to pole dance class, or lurk on pole dance blogs to get movie reviews, but you are getting one anyway so deal with it. I promise you'll see the value in the story whether you actually commit the time to watching it. Though discussing the inane goings-on of my non-stripperesque life was never the intent of this blog, and still isn't, I found something valuable in it and you can shove it up your twat if you don't like it, though, since I watched it on Netflix, that might be a bit theoretical, but if you bought it on DVD, you could still shove it in your twat, but it might be unwieldy, but not if you rented it because no one wants a twatted dvd, well some people do, anyway use your judgment on that. Enough talking about your twats, very clever of you to distract me...

So what's the damn movie about already? It's about a woman in her early 40s who has a accomplished a lot of things and has a nice home but is unsatisfied. She has maintained an extraordinary level of fitness and continues to try to push herself and hasn't found her direction. She wanders in to a gymnastics studio and observes for a few minutes, but the classes are all little girls, so she leaves. The teacher sees her walking out and runs after her saying that she has something that is much more interesting that a girls' gymnastics class, gives her an address and a time.

When she shows up at the mystery location, the women are learning how to do aerial dancing (like cirque du Soleil) big strip of fabric hanging down from a very tall ceiling and they climb up it and wrap it in a specific way so they can twirl and roll down it. It is really neat to watch, and the movie is worth watching for this part alone. They have a non-competitive environment that is encouraging woman-centered and the dancing is athletic and beautiful.

Sounds gay. Well, in a word, yes. It is gay. It is a movie that contains lesbians.

I don't eat snatch, so I don't think I want to watch that move. The lesbian relationship is one of the themes of the movie, but not the only one. It is not a porno and if you are looking for a skin flick, this isn't it. I think too many people reject gay films because they contain gay themes. We don't think of all of the other movies as "hetero" films and this one should be seen because it is a good movie, not because it is a gay movie. It is not the best movie I've ever seen, but the environment they create in their small aerial class is worth seeing and aside from the developing lesbian relationship, is much like the environment I see in our class. If you are still not convinced, at least check out the images from the movie.

Congratulations if you made it this far. I promise this will not be a lame-ass movie review site. Why did I waste my time telling you about a lesbian movie that you will not likely watch? Yesterday I watched The Gymnast, then went to stripper class. During the course of the class, I spoke to one girl who is training her ass off, or perhaps more accurately, training her ass on, to do a figure competition, which is a competition where women wear bikinis and show the definition in their muscles. As I was talking with her about her progress and training, I turned to another woman who would probably be really interested in such a thing as she's incredibly fit as well and got the two of them talking about the competition and training.

Who knows where that will go for them, but it is possible that our little pole dancing class has given these two women an opportunity to workout, have fun, be sexy and find a new friend and another avenue to embrace being a woman, a friend, fitness freak and express a form of womanly athleticism that is expressed in a totally different way. I love that this class brings strong, intelligent women together and teaches them to support each other in all the areas of their lives. That supportive environment encourages them to share, sometimes about outside interests, sometimes about problems, sometimes about jobs that are open or products/services that they have heard of. Had I not been truly, genuinely interested in what I'd heard about this figure competition and had I not thought of the body type and interests of another woman, this may not have happened.

So it's like one big aren't- you-fucking-fabulous jerk-off session about how great you are and everyone's life is empty without you? Yep. Well, okay, not really. I am definitely not the only woman who has made connections through this class and all I did was care about their lives and interests and put them together.

All right I'll watch the fucking movie already, where can I find it? I found it on my Netflix instant queue. It's available for streaming, so you don't have to wait for a DVD.  I don't know where else it is available.

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