Friday, May 2, 2014

Stop talking and make it happen

You've all been hearing about our new class a lot lately. I want to tell you why Caitlyn and I created the class. I sincerely believe that every woman should love her body. I believe that includes me. I ask you to love yourself even when you feel like you need to make a change. I tell you not to bitch about how you look or what your life is like if you have control over the things that would make it better. This class is my change and it's going to be mainly taught by Caitlyn, but I'll be helping some, too.

The class is not about 8 weeks to flat abs, 10,000 squats to a perfect ass, or eat nothing but powdered sea monkeys until you are thin or dead. This is about taking 1 hour per week, 8 weeks at a time to get where I want to go. This class isn't going to be a miracle, but it is going to be focused and challenging. I am going to have to eat better and do some exercise in between, too. I am going to have to be responsible for pushing myself a little more every week.  If you are ready to start, just get up and come to WEW on Saturday morning.

I hope that when other women walk in the door and feel like they are in the right place.  Most of the time the intimidation of being in a gym or in a fitness class is in your own head. Gyms often cater to the hardcore fitness freaks and they name their classes Grunt and Burn and if you had any trepidation about showing up at the gym, your fear explodes into a full-blown panic when you feel like the only one who hasn't already more than met the fitness goals of the class. I think gyms sometimes forget about beginners - real, actual beginners. We haven't forgotten what it's like because, in some ways, I am still there. Our plan is to challenge all levels, not just super hardcore ladies and we won't be taking it easy on you if you are trying to grasp the finish line of a goal you've already been working on. 

You can check out our facebook event or email me at if you want more info.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Covering the Spread

How is it that after 8ish years of dancing I have managed to find every possible combination of panties/shorts that decide to go all fucking Thunderdome while I am trying to twirl about? Maybe the two garments enter, one garment leaves is how Tina Turner came to her legendary ass shaking.

As for me, I will continue my quest to find a series of drawers/shorts that won't leave me yanking and pulling or catching a breeze on my lady bits. My soul inti-mates are out there somewhere. Those elusive, perfect panties that neither ride nor bunch, neither wedge nor camel.  If you, too, are experiencing a civil war reenactment in your nether regions while trying to dance, then you feel my pain and I wish you goddess-speed in your journey to your soul panties. If you have found some magic shorts, let me know.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 Pole Expo in the City of Sin

For any of our ladies who didn't already know, several of the assistant teachers and I will be going to the 2014 Pole Expo in Las Vegas! Our Pole Mama will be keeping the home fires burning while we tear it up in Sin City. If you are interested in going check out the pole expo. It will be held September 4-7th, 2014.  I look forward to getting some great new ideas and I am sure we'll have a few awesome failures to report, too. If any of you are going and you want to meet up at the Expo, let me know.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be introducing you to the classes we'll be taking and the fine ladies who will teach them.  Expect to see some fun stuff!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Take a Load Off, Annie

Under normal circumstances I write a bunch of obnoxious crap. Today, I am going to stray from that and tell you what our classes are really about.  See, they aren't about slappers or sass mouths or spins or strutting; they are about real women learning from each other. We learn from women who are older, younger, thinner, and fatter. We learn from dancers and klutzes. We learn from women who have money and ones that are flat broke. Some of us have a bunch of fancy degrees and some of us barely made it through high school. Some of us have grown kids, some have babies and some have none at all. Some of us have giant asses and some have scrawny legs. We are all different colors. We are all women and that is all we need to stick together. 

For a bunch of salty tarts, we do an excellent job of supporting each other and we create an absolutely safe environment. In the studio walls there is no slut-shaming, no fat-shaming, and no self-deprecation allowed. We don't condone competition, judgment - of yourself or others.  On top of all that, there is also a place where you can lay your heart out and get someone to connect with you. 

Today someone who was a perfect stranger told me something very personal. I won't share any bit of it here, but it made me think about how alone we feel sometimes even when surrounded by friends and family. The people who love us are sometimes the hardest to share our deepest fears with. Even when they are great people and they mean to be nothing less than supportive, we can feel alone. 

Oddly, sometimes a stranger can be the best way to unburden yourself. I think that's probably because you don't care what they think or whether they agree with you or not. A stranger can't make you feel guilty and won't argue "what's best for you". Sometimes a stranger gives you a chance to voice your own needs to someone who has no stake in your life.

I was glad to be a trusted person in a place where women can unburden themselves without judgment. I think that is what we foster at WEW more than spins and dirty dance moves. We grow trust, confidence, and pride in other women. We are lucky enough to come along for that ride. 

If you hear us saying dirty words and you see us doing dirty things, please remember we are a safe place and people you can trust. It's not just Adena and me, it's all the women. We feel a responsibility to make our studio the place where women grow. 

If you think that is something you could use some more of in your life, or if you love someone who could benefit from some time with us, please send her over. We'd really love it if you did. We're some of the nicest nasty girls around. I hope that the person I spoke with today knows that I meant all of the things I said and that we will all be there for her, even those of us who don't even know what her troubles are. Side by side we'll spin and strut and dance and laugh and all of us who are so different find we are just the same. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Late Bitches Get Stitches - WEW Schedule

Please email for more info on pricing, specials, and booking parties. 

We operate a women-friendly business. Women of all ages, sizes, races are welcome. Please don't apply lotion or oil on dance day. We know what real women look like in shorts- we wear them too, and it's best if you wear shorts to get the most out of your experience with us.

Weekly Classes:

Please be at studio and ready to play before class time begins.
Tuesday      6:45-8:15 pm
Wednesday  6:45-8:15 pm
Thursday     6:45-8:15 pm
Saturday Afternoon 2:45-4:15 pm
Friday and Saturday Evenings are by appointment only**


**We often have multiple parties on Fridays and Saturdays. Party spots sell out most weekends, sometimes we can squeeze you in at the last minute, but early booking is always best. We love ladies night out parties just as much as birthdays and bachelorette parties.

Party Info:
1.  Book ASAP! A $100 deposit saves your date/time (this is applied to the total price of the          party) The person who books pays the teacher the remaining balance at party time.
2. No lotion or oil on your skin at all on the day of the party/class
3Wear shorts, long pants don't work well for sticking to the pole
4. Show up on-time (15 minutes before your scheduled start time)! Being half an hour late will not extend your party time, nor will it lower the price of the party
5Drinks: Bring a few, have a few, but no one gets wasted - it's dangerous
6. This is a loud, obnoxious, adult party. Be prepared for naughty words and naughty fun.
7. Heels - bring them It's more fun, but not required.
8. Tips are awesome and we hope you love your party enough to tip the teacher. As always,    tips are not required

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My saddle's waitin', come and jump on it

Everyone should take a little time here and there and just let go. Eat crappy, hang out on the couch, watch shitty movies, generally misbehave. Everyone is always looking for the cure to fat and lazy in the form of pills and drink mixes and surgeries. Now, before everyone freaks the fuck out, I do understand that there are times when those interventions are absolutely necessary.

I don't see nothin' wrong with a little stuffin' & wine. That is how the song went, right? A little is good, a day off is good. One. day. off. We tend to expand our arses and lose sight of our goals during the holiday season- there are endless gatherings and parties and snacks and treats and drinks. Trying to stay on your regular ass-kicking schedule will keep you feeling and looking better.

I feel fat and lazy some days and overindulge at more parties than I should. I eat badly when I know I shouldn't. I hear myself saying that I am unhappy with the way I look and STILL accept the doughnut offered to me at work sometimes. I am proud that I decline them more than I accept them and that I have really made an effort to spend more time eating the way I should and exercising like I should. The hardest part for me is the part where I have all the good excuses- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs, thanksgiving, flag day, Tuesday and then I continue eating that way even when the occasion is over. 

During the holidays, you may gain a few, but what the fuck, you'll be happier. Happiness is worth something. When an overindulgence in your merry making leaves you with a FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area), then you have gone too far and thus leads the slippery slope to unhappiness. While I love a slippery slope as much as the next girl. I don't like the ones that lead to unhappiness. Get back up on that pony as soon as possible. Cut the shit and listen to how much your mouth is complaining about how much your hand keeps feeding it and then do something about that. Shut your piehole. Yep. Shut it. I have to tell myself that all the time. I have to- gasp- listen to what my mouth says about how I am eating, how I look and how I am feeling and act accordingly. Why am I subjecting everyone else to my rants and bitching if I, who has control over the whole process, am not listening? A few extra pounds during the holidays is nothing to get too worked up about, but get back to doing what you should before 8 pounds turns into 40.

~Piece out

The song above was covered by the band Far and is called Pony

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too fucked up not to share

Trim your shit. Seriously.
Ladyscaping, trimming, shaving, waxing, plucking, dance to the goddess of hair removal- do it your way, but do it.