Friday, May 2, 2014

Stop talking and make it happen

You've all been hearing about our new class a lot lately. I want to tell you why Caitlyn and I created the class. I sincerely believe that every woman should love her body. I believe that includes me. I ask you to love yourself even when you feel like you need to make a change. I tell you not to bitch about how you look or what your life is like if you have control over the things that would make it better. This class is my change and it's going to be mainly taught by Caitlyn, but I'll be helping some, too.

The class is not about 8 weeks to flat abs, 10,000 squats to a perfect ass, or eat nothing but powdered sea monkeys until you are thin or dead. This is about taking 1 hour per week, 8 weeks at a time to get where I want to go. This class isn't going to be a miracle, but it is going to be focused and challenging. I am going to have to eat better and do some exercise in between, too. I am going to have to be responsible for pushing myself a little more every week.  If you are ready to start, just get up and come to WEW on Saturday morning.

I hope that when other women walk in the door and feel like they are in the right place.  Most of the time the intimidation of being in a gym or in a fitness class is in your own head. Gyms often cater to the hardcore fitness freaks and they name their classes Grunt and Burn and if you had any trepidation about showing up at the gym, your fear explodes into a full-blown panic when you feel like the only one who hasn't already more than met the fitness goals of the class. I think gyms sometimes forget about beginners - real, actual beginners. We haven't forgotten what it's like because, in some ways, I am still there. Our plan is to challenge all levels, not just super hardcore ladies and we won't be taking it easy on you if you are trying to grasp the finish line of a goal you've already been working on. 

You can check out our facebook event or email me at if you want more info.