Sunday, August 28, 2011

You can come back, baby. The stripper pole never forgets

I went out to dinner with the Pole Mama and our spice (that's the plural for spouse, I am pretty sure). At the end of the evening a lovely young lady came up with the hugest smile and said, "Oh My GOD it is you!" My husband was totally shocked because he's heard about this, but hadn't ever seen it before. I explained that the waitress at the restaurant had seen the 4 of us sitting there and waited until we were finished eating to tell us how much she loved us. She said how she had missed taking classes with us. She'd gotten caught up with things in her life and her work schedule, but would be coming back soon and was so glad to have seen us and hugged us each 3 times and was nearly in tears.

As we walked out of the restaurant my husband was in awe of the rock star treatment. Specifically, he's heard that Adena gets that, but had never seen anyone see me and nearly fall over themselves. I told him that is one of the things I love most about teaching classes. I really get a chance to change how people see themselves and I love that. I know there have been times in my life where it would have been nice to be able to attend a weekly class where people cheered and clapped for me and told me that they missed me and were looking forward to seeing me again.  I know that I am catching some women in exactly that place where times are tough and this class makes a real difference. I don't presume to be the difference, it's the attitude, Adena, all of the women in the class, the exercise, the music, the dancing, and on and on, but I am so proud to be a representative of all of that. For any of you that have drifted away, you can come back, baby, the stripper pole never forgets. For any of you that are reading and haven't yet come in, what more does a bitch have to say to get your silly ass in?

Incidentally, I was wearing a shirt I got in our women's clothing swap to dinner and got quite a few compliments on it. I love, love, love it. We gave the rest of the clothes to the women's shelter.  It was such a fun experience. Lots of nearly naked ladies wading through piles of great clothes and throwing things at each other and trying them on. It was such a fun way to really encourage women to clean out their closets and get rid of the things that they are hanging onto that don't fit or never found the right outfit for. We all came away with some treasures.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Motherfucking Birthday Mama!

Wednesday (8/10) is Adena's birthday. She seems to have forgotten how important it is to honor all of the things she has done and all of the people she has touched (not just in the naughty parts, but in the heart too) and that to accomplish all of that means she's been hanging around this planet a while.

To the best bitch ever to don a thong: Happy Motherfucking Birthday! It takes time to become wise. It takes years to learn a craft, it takes decades to become a man's whole life partner, it takes a few men and a woman or two to truly understand sexy, it takes a few miles in a body to make it powerful, it takes a few tears to truly understand what it means to be happy, it takes hard times to know when it's time to fucking celebrate. It apparently takes some scaly black monkey feet to learn to walk in a stripper shoe. It takes some big old slutty heels to appreciate your slippers. With all of that comes a few gray hairs and maybe a line or two, but isn't the payoff worth the price of admission?

You tell us to be proud of our bodies, regardless of age, size, or shape. You say we should own our strengths and recognize, but not be weighed down by the things we need to improve upon. You tell us to learn to listen. You told me that I need to let people grow and not cheat their process or scare them off by over-correcting. Please spend the anniversary (I won't say which) of your birth recognizing the strength, wisdom, power  you possess and what you mean to people instead of focusing on how long you've been on this planet and the number of gray hairs that may pop up or lines on your face- all of those come from laughing (mainly at my jokes) and learning and that, my friend, is not a bad thing.

Everyone wear a thong and raise a glass to Adena today! Send her your love or show up in class on Wednesday at 6:45 pm and give her some booty love in person.