Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Come on Barbie, Let's go Party

We have a busy weekend of bachelorette parties coming up. Spring isn't really in the air, but it is definitely wedding season. We have three parties on Saturday and if it is anything like last Saturday it will be a lot of fun - classes back -to -back from 2:45 to 9:30 ish.

I think the best part of the bachelorette pole class is when the mothers and mothers-in-law come to the class with the bride. We have had some incredible mothers who clearly have fantastic relationships with their daughters and just have a riot. I know there are plenty of great mothers out there who just simply could not be a part of pole dance classes with their daughters, but the ones we see that are yelling and clapping and snapping photos are inspiring.

We know a pole class can be intimidating and when you are having a party, you may as well have a drink or two. Some bachelorettes walk in ready to spin and shake it and others need to find a bit of liquid courage. We won't let anyone drink to the point of being wasted - obviously spinning and balance are impaired at that point, but a cocktail in your cockholster sometimes loosens you up a bit. Last weekend we had some absolutely fucking fantastic watermelon/malibu jello shots courtesy of one generous bride. Those are totally my new best friend.

Not to diminish our girls who just come to party with friends or are celebrating a birthday, but the bachelorettes are my favorite. They are always really happy and anxiously anticipating the next couple of weeks and are looking to pick up a few honeymoon surprises.

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