Saturday, November 26, 2011

My saddle's waitin', come and jump on it

Everyone should take a little time here and there and just let go. Eat crappy, hang out on the couch, watch shitty movies, generally misbehave. Everyone is always looking for the cure to fat and lazy in the form of pills and drink mixes and surgeries. Now, before everyone freaks the fuck out, I do understand that there are times when those interventions are absolutely necessary.

I don't see nothin' wrong with a little stuffin' & wine. That is how the song went, right? A little is good, a day off is good. One. day. off. We tend to expand our arses and lose sight of our goals during the holiday season- there are endless gatherings and parties and snacks and treats and drinks. Trying to stay on your regular ass-kicking schedule will keep you feeling and looking better.

I feel fat and lazy some days and overindulge at more parties than I should. I eat badly when I know I shouldn't. I hear myself saying that I am unhappy with the way I look and STILL accept the doughnut offered to me at work sometimes. I am proud that I decline them more than I accept them and that I have really made an effort to spend more time eating the way I should and exercising like I should. The hardest part for me is the part where I have all the good excuses- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs, thanksgiving, flag day, Tuesday and then I continue eating that way even when the occasion is over. 

During the holidays, you may gain a few, but what the fuck, you'll be happier. Happiness is worth something. When an overindulgence in your merry making leaves you with a FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area), then you have gone too far and thus leads the slippery slope to unhappiness. While I love a slippery slope as much as the next girl. I don't like the ones that lead to unhappiness. Get back up on that pony as soon as possible. Cut the shit and listen to how much your mouth is complaining about how much your hand keeps feeding it and then do something about that. Shut your piehole. Yep. Shut it. I have to tell myself that all the time. I have to- gasp- listen to what my mouth says about how I am eating, how I look and how I am feeling and act accordingly. Why am I subjecting everyone else to my rants and bitching if I, who has control over the whole process, am not listening? A few extra pounds during the holidays is nothing to get too worked up about, but get back to doing what you should before 8 pounds turns into 40.

~Piece out

The song above was covered by the band Far and is called Pony

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